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Blind Versus Blind Strategy No Limit Tournaments | PartTimePoker Raise- QQ+, AKs (NOTE: Be sure the raise here is stout; add roughly one big blind to your normal raise for every limper in the pot, so if, for example, 4 players limp in the $10/$20 level and you’re dealt AKs, instead of making it $60, you’d make it $120.This way, you’re negating your positional disadvantage by charging players ... Online Deep Stack Tournament Strategy - When you see the stacks start to fall to Earth a bit, usually beginning around the 200/400 level, you may want to shift your strategy from hitting flops with drawing hands to a more straightforward game; blind stealing, lighter three betting, and your usual MTT game can now be implemented effectively, as if you were the big stack at your table ...

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Most beginning poker players consider their cards first. After all, it doesn’t take long to realize that starting with a big pocket pair such as Aces or Kings – or even big connected cards such as A-K or K-Q – is a lot better than being dealt absolutely horrid hands like 7-2 unsuited, 9-6, and so on. 20 and 30 minute live tournament levels is pretty fast, no ... Where can I play online poker? ... 20 and 30 minute live tournament levels is pretty fast, no? ... Which is not too so bad considering there is a 30-45 second time ...

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All Levels last 120 minutes. Breaks occur after each level and last 20 minutes. Play will continue on days 1A, 1B, and1C until the completion of level 5. Dinner break will be after 3 levels of play each day and last 90 minutes. Day 2A - Remaining players from Day 1A will resume play at 12 pm on Tuesday, July 9, 2013, and play 5 levels.

Poker Tournament Types - PokerStars Structured Tournaments We are the world’s biggest online poker ... A hyper-turbo event is one in which the blind levels increase ... on every entrant in the tournament. Every time you ... Poker Blind Timer